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Office Moving Checklist (Ultimate Guide 2020)

21/02/2020 Already Property Services

There may come a time when your business expands and your present office may not be able to hold the growing changes. You may start to look for better office spaces that can accommodate all your employees and the new growth that your company has gone under. As much as finding a new office space is difficult, so is the transition to the new place.

That’s why you need to have a checklist for moving offices with you for a smooth and safe relocation. In this blog, we will see some of the most important things that should be on a moving office checklist UK.

7 Must-Have Pointers in Your Office Moving Checklist

These are some of the essential points that must definitely find your way to the top of your office moving checklist. Check off the points one by one to have a successful office move.

  1.  Choose an On-Point Person
    It’s always best to delegate the relocation tasks among your employees, which will help you a lot in minimizing your workload. Instead of acting as the in-charge of the relocation, you can assign an on-point contact person who will make the calls, take the decisions and ensure that everyone is performing their relocation task properly.You can, of course, get updates from this person and provide inputs. But, this will be a hands-on person on the field, who will observe and motivate people to keep the moving jobs on track.
  2. Define Relocation Tasks
    After choosing an on-point person, you can either go ahead and create teams or ask the on-point person to do this job for you.
    Either way, employees will be motivated to work only when they have a properly defined task and steps to do. So, first list out all the relocation tasks in your company like:
  • Packing the files based on a specific order
  • Saving confidential information from systems to separate devices
  • Inventory management
  • Getting quality packing materials based on the items needed
  • Keeping track of the items in the boxes
  • Working out the logistics

The employees will be split into different groups based on the tasks allocated and each of the groups will be given a set of functions to do with a timeline.
The on-point person will be responsible for monitoring the relocation works carried out by the groups and make sure that everything happens within the deadline.

3. Matching with the New Office Design

Often, the current office space you have wouldn’t match in properly with the new office. You will have to make some tweaks to fit your existing office arrangement in the new space.

The new office space may be larger but may have fewer rooms. The office spaces can be narrow and long, which could affect the sitting positions. Or, there can be any other hundreds of factors that could disturb you from arranging the new office space.

During such times, it is vital to visit the new office, get a floor plan and match it with the furniture and devices you have in your old space. You may have to club departments, split the sitting areas to accommodate all of the office employees without disturbing too much.
Make sure to discuss the sitting arrangement with the employees before you go ahead, as this could have a major impact on their productivity.

4. Check for the Feasibility of the Move

The logistics of the move could be a major problem if you haven’t paid attention to it. If you are relocating on your own, then the planning for logistics is paramount.
You should take into account the path one needs to choose from the office to the back of the truck. Make sure to consider moving the biggest furniture and equipment you have in the office through this path.

Find out if you can use the service elevator in either of these places if your office is on the higher floor. Check out the entire path to traverse, including the turnings, which can be tricky with long furniture.
Plan out every single route, doorway and hallway along with the turns to check out if it’s feasible to get your stuff up the usual way.

If not, then you may have to hire removalists to pull up the large pieces of furniture and equipment from the balcony to the higher floors.

5. Make a note of the Network Security

The security of your resources and files on the computer and other storage devices are the most important to keep an eye on. Talk to the IT department about how you can keep sensitive information safe throughout the move.

Create a list of inventory of where the sensitive information and who all have access to it. If it is on any physical device, then give high importance to such devices during the move. Also, check the security policies and contracts with vendors and stakeholders to ensure that there aren’t any issues.

6. Check the Telecommunication Connections

This telecommunication connection can be your phone lines, the internet lines and any other cloud connections. It’s vital to verify such connections before you move in so that your employees can get to work as soon as possible with minimal downtime.

Talk to the network providers and help them set the system in the new office once you have decided on the office layout. Place WiFi routers all around the office at strategic locations for seamless connections. Check for the number of connections for the landline phones and get them installed before the move.

7. Communicate with the Stakeholders

As much as your employees are taking care of the work involved in moving your office, you shouldn’t forget to communicate about it to your stakeholders. It can be any client, service provider, supplier or any other person who should be aware of the change of location.

Send out a common email at least two weeks prior to the move with the new address and send a similar mail on the day of the move, informing them of the change from that effective date.

If you want to just concentrate on the basic works for relocating your office, then you can hire a good relocation company to take care of all the packing and moving jobs. APS Removals is a go-to office removals company in Plymouth known for their ultra-safe services to relocate offices.

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