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Mattress Disposal Ultimate Guide 2020

11/03/2020 Already Property Services

Your sofa will inevitably reach a point where you will feel the need to level up. For some people, it is because they liked a new design or mattress type while others will change due to their new requirements.
Then comes another set of people who are not interested in changing the mattress but they had to replace it with time. At this point, people wonder about the best possible way to dispose of their mattresses.
There are several ways of mattress disposal, right form donating to recycling. But you need to know the right way to do so that depends on several factors. Some of these factors are your location, mattress disposal near you, and the condition of your mattress. We will help you decide what method will work for you and how to go for old mattress disposal.

How do you know that the lifespan of your mattress is over? An accurate way to tell this is by evaluating the type of rest and sleep you are getting in it.

Here are a few signs that tell that your sofa needs to get replaced:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Lumps
  • Sagging
  • Noisy Springs
  • Hammocking
  • Certain life changes that getting new pet or moving-in with your partner, etc

Mattress Disposal Methods:

  1. Reuse
    So before you plan to throw away your mattress, ask yourself can you re-use it? Here’s how you can put your mattress into good use. If possible, try to put your mattress into the below use.
    Most of the mattress can easily be utilized in gardening. You can break down the wooden box spring and use it as a composite or keep it as a whole to make a raised garden for herbs, flowers, and vegetables.
    Home Repair: You can use the padding and foam material as padding and protective blanket when you move.
    Decor: If you think you are crafty then you can put a sofa mattress into different types of art pieces like a wine rack to a bookshelf.
  2. Donate
    You can donate a mattress at churches, charities, and shelters as long as you think it is in good condition. There are many schools, local women’s refuges, animals, and homeless shelters ready to take the mattress. All you need to ensure is that the fire safety label is still intact.
  3. Sell
    There are online places like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist that helps you easily meet up people in your area who are looking to buy a used mattress. Your price may vary based on size, condition, and mattress age but usually, it will be around £15 to £50.Remember, nobody will buy a torn or a stained sofa, so consider this option if your mattress is in good condition. Not just that, if your mattress has reached the end of life and is uncomfortable to sit with spring sticking then nobody else will want that too.
  4. Retailer
    There are mattress retailers who will buy the old ones if you purchase a new mattress from them. Some retailers may charge you while others may do it for free. So it is recommended to do market research before you select a retailer.
  5. Dumping
    If you have a car, then the cheapest option available for you is to take the mattress to a local council tip. They usually don’t charge, but the difficult part is that it may not be very near to your house.
    Hence, this method asks for a lot of your time. Keep in mind you can roll the mattresses with memory foam and not a traditional pocket sprung one. So take the size of your car and mattress type into consideration before you decide to go for this method.This situation does not apply to businesses. They either need to pay the council tip or are devoid of using this facility. If you are a hotel owner and want to get rid of your old mattress then your best shot would be to call a council in advance to see if you are allowed. If not, then you may need to look for an alternative option.
  6. Council Collections
    For householders, the best alternative option is to book a council waste collection. Every council offers the residentse with the services but the price range may vary. For instance, you may see a single mattress charge varying from £ 10 to £20. However, if you need to get your work done quicker then hire a private service.
  7. Specialist Waste Collection Company
    The most convenient and fastest way to get rid of the old mattress is by hiring private mattress disposal in Plymouth. The APS Removals team can remove the mattress from inside your house without charging you anything extra. You can also put it outside the house so your availability is not required when they reach your place.
  8. Recycle
    The simplest way is to take your mattress to the recycling center. The only problem with this method is that people don’t have the right vehicle and time. But for the ones who have this, it may be a quicker way to get your mattress recycled. If you can’t find a recycling center near you then look online. There may be options available for you.
  9. Avoid Dumpsters
    Even though dumpsters are quicker options and you may find dumpsters that have written large trash and recyclable items, still don’t dump the mattress there. These dumpsters are not meant for mattresses and only some specific items are included in the list.
    Disposing of your mattress this way will add to landfills and shift the burden on local junk removal people and recycling centers. As an aware person, you do not want to unnecessarily add to the landfills and would rather like to go for other Eco-friendly and better disposable options available.

So here we have come to an end. Hope this article has elaborated on the different dumping options for you and will help you go with the right option. Now you can stay assured that you have chosen the correct options and disposed of the mattress responsibly. Once you are done with the mattress disposing of the process, pat yourself on the shoulder as you have recycled the mattress for a better and comfortable night sleep along with making the planet better and greener.

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