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How to Choose a Removal Company (Step By Step Guide)

07/09/2020 Already Property Services

Moving is not an easy thing and it takes more than just a few people to happen the right way.

If you have booked a property and sold the current one, you are already at a great place.

Net on your list should be to find the right removal company  for yourself.

People usually go on any search engine and type the query, the first one that pops up is selected as the best one for them. But this is not the right way to choose.

Not the company with the highest review, not offering the lowest quotes, and not the one with the longest in the running, but you need to go with the one that matches your requirements.

Here are the steps to  choose a reputed removal company for you

  1. Begin Early:

    For your advantage, we would recommend you to start even before one month of your actual moving date.The early you begin, the better your chances of getting an affordable moving quote as they are not fully booked by then.

    This time also gives you the chance to scrutinize the removal companies in your locality and research them in depth.

    You can better utilize the time to see how much house movers cost in your area and what are the additional services that you can save on by starting early. For example, if you don’t want to go for the packing process, you can have time to pack the household items carefully, especially with valuable and fragile items.

    Sometimes, people also start feeling that the packing process is a daunting task and they need help, hence starting early will help you get the required help rather than bearing the high cost at the last moment.

  2. Get Estimates:
    Now that you have decided to start early, your next step is to check how much house removal costs to you.Do not set the price to be only criteria for finding the best home removal service for the move.The best way is to by not dismissing or favoring any particular quote in the beginning. Although the timeliness to answer your response is a good indicator to check how clear communication they maintain.Ask them about any presentation they have on a previous house move.Since you have time in your hand , you can check the removalist for all the nitty-gritty.

    Once you have an idea of how much it cost to move house removals, you can now check for other important requirements.

  3. Conduct an In-Home Survey:
    Once the removalist companies have responded to your queries, ask them for an in-home survey to be clear about the move.This is a great time for you to inquire about the specifics of your move like packing service or whether they have the equipment to dismantle the furniture and move them through the stairs.This is also a time where the moving company can see the issues that can affect the moving quote and efficiency of the move like if any item needs special equipment or do they face access issues.

    We advise you to make most out of this one on one meeting to clear your doubts.You can glance at the information and ask your doubt for clear communication to make your move stress-free. And just don’t listen to the information the removalist passes on to you.

    Always try to keep notes of information representatives provide you and ensure you have a final bill with specifics like packing boxes, special care items, etc.

    Once you selected removalists have visited the property for surrey, you need to ensure that the quotes are comparable.

    How do you do it? Well the best way is to have a set of questions prepared in advance, so you can compare which company is costing you how much for the house removals.

    Some of the questions goes like:
    a. What kind of quality package are they using?
    b. How will they pack the precious and fragile items?
    c. How much do they quote for safe delivery of your belongings?
    d. How will they carry items up and down the stairs?
    e. How much will they charge you for the additional services?

    Remember to conduct intensive research about the company and ask as many questions as you could as you are handling thousands of pounds worth of items to the company.

    Hiring a removalist without consideration and investigation is like giving thousands of pounds of money to the stranger at the street for taking care.

  4. Read Reviews:

    Usually the first instinct of people is to go for a review website.
    Try to grasp as much as you can from the reviews available here- both good and bad. Also, make sure to check if the company reverts to the bad reviews to see if the company really cares about their reputation and customers.

5. Scrutinize the Removalists Website

A professional moving company will have a website for customers to access information about them.

You can also analyse the looks of the website to see how serious the removalists are about their business.

Check for the phone number, contact and email address. A Company without these contact details is not a good sign.
Check the photos of the company to see how clean and organized their office premises appears. Also, look for blogs on advice to see how much resources and information is available with the company.

6. Other Important Considerations

Some of the important things that people usually miss while conducting the move are mentioned below. These small things can cause them a lot of money in the long-run. So make to run through them to avoid such scenarios:

a. What insurance does the moving company offer to you and what all did it cover?
b. What is their compensation payment- if they pay full replacement cost in an unfortunate case of damage and loss to your items.
c. Will they charge you additional if you face delay at your new property.
d. Will they extend their insurance even if you have packed the items
e. What are the payment options? Cash or card
f. Do they have specialized equipment or not?
g. If eco-home move is something you want, ask the company about the environment policy or carbon neutral
h. Are the move employed by company or casual labour ? If they are regular ones, they are likely to take better protection of your items
i. Has the company checked the record of their staff?
j. Will they be organized for the parking permissions?
k. Do they have storage facilities? If the answer is yes, ask about the security of these storages?
l. Can you access your storage items when required?

Once you have conducted the intensive research and compared the prices for the different removalist companies, next biggest thing is the gut feel. See if you feel like going with a company or not?

Also make sure to review the moving company once your move is complete. This will help other people looking for removal requirements.

Happy Moving!!

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