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13 Tips for Moving House at Christmas

24/12/2019 Already Property Services

The Christmas countdown has begun with people buying presents and reading festive recipes. But few people move house at Christmas. This is a stressful matter to deal with. Here are a few tips to help your house moving during Christmas look stress-free as possible and beat the Christmas countdown.

House Moving Tips  During Winter are:

1. Plan Before
Planning before your moving date can lower your stress levels. But how to proceed for the execution is crucial: start breaking your work in smaller chunks and work toward accomplishing them.

Looking at the whole process at once can be overwhelming, so start prioritizing things to make them manageable. This provides you with a momentum to finish the whole task easily. After breaking down your task, reconfirm your moving date with relevant parties to make sure you have enough time for completing tasks on time.

2. Prepare a List
You can’t all the nitty-gritty of the moving plan in your head. You should jolt down every task on paper and tick things as you are finished with them. It is also recommended to make multiple lists to split the larger task and track them. Either print the page or bookmark it for reference.

3. Schedule Your Removal Company
This is a major task to get done as soon as possible. The removal company depends upon your requirements, for example, if your move is smaller, you can hire a man with a van. But it’s important to shop around and ask for quotes from different companies before making a final decision. This will serve you two purposes:
· You have a company for the necessary help when moving around
· You will have a fixed date that will motivate you to pack

4. Plan Your Packing
Now you have fixed a date to work on, it’s time for you to begin your house clearance process. You should give yourself a fortnight time to pack things irrespective of how many items are required to shift. Pack in a hurry or short time frame means inviting stress to your door. Of course, we don’t want that!
Start packing strategically and mention the content inside the box. Keep things together like kitchen items in one box bathroom items in another. It is recommended to keep a box having all the essential items.

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5. Begin Shopping Early
Christmas is a fun time. To keep it so, start buying and distributing the gifts early. This way you don’t have to pack these gifts if you are planning to move before Christmas. Additionally, you will not risk losing the gift of your loved ones.

6. Don’t go by forecasts
Well, this point is contrary to what other people will advise you. There is no harm in checking the weather on the day of your move but don’t take it as gospel.
You should be prepared for the absolute worst that can happen. So plan how you will execute the move if there is snowfall. Keep stock of salt and grit to clear things and ways to clean fallen leaves as they can be dangerous as well.

7. Keep a check on the bills
Christmas can get expensive with the added moving cost it’s common to take your eye off from the bills. Ensure that you keep a check on bills. Nobody likes to be left without power on moving day or under debt.

8. Update your Address
This part becomes even more important at the time of Christmas. Wondering why? You won’t want to miss the Christmas gifts and cards. Inform everybody that you are moving right from the local council to your family and friends.

9. Keep kids and Pets in the loop
Kids can easily feel the pressure of moving. You should take out the proper time to explain to them what is going on. Your fur babies need to be cared for as they can sense changes easily.
You should make provision for them on your moving day to keep the stress level low, may be sent to family and friends if you have an option.

10. Read your meters
The most important thing is irrespective of the time you move is to read meters before the moving day. It can be easily overlooked at the time festivity, so make sure that hits your list.

11. Pack your valuables
You should ensure the security of your home usually at the time of Christmas when your home is all packed with valuable gifts. Take all your valuables and lock them to keep it safe.
If possible try to keep your valuable belongings to your friend or family member’s place or give presents out early. Also, take care of your important documents.

12. Schedule a delivery
Even if the shops are open 24/7, make sure you are previously booking delivery for the moving day. It’s always great to have a good stock of items in cupboards and fridge.

13. Decorate and relax
After you have done the exhausting part of moving day, it’s time to enjoy the holiday time. Give your neighbor a small Christmas party with a few crucial information.
You can also throw a party at your new place to relax and make it feel like home.

Here you go, these 13 tips will help you make your house removal in winter stress-free. After following these tips, all you are left with is wishing your friends Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And yes, good luck with your move!