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Top Tips For Hiring a Man with a Van Removals Company

04/06/2020 Already Property Services

Moving is always stressful and tiring, even if you are moving a few items to a storage facility. If you are moving to a new house or office, there are just so many things to consider before you move, like making sure that the new place is working.

Many questions run in the mind while planning to move like how you will drive your things and when to start packing? Is there a need to hire a removalist, or will a local man with a van work? If yes, then your mind wanders with another question: Is there any man with a van in Plymouth? The questions are sometimes scary and daunting.

To help you start your moving process; we have prepared a checklist on hiring the best Man and van to make this hectic task of moving a little easier for you all:

  • Research: Find out as much as you can about the company. Look out for any bad reviews or anyone with a bad experience with the company. Ensure you do a thorough background check and see if you should hire them in the first place.
  • References: Once you have decided to hire a man with a van, ask for their referrals. Contact them and ask about their experience with the company.
  • Professionalism: It is quite easy to find if a person is professional or not. Notice how they talk to you and if they answer your questions appropriately. If you are calling them on the phone, what is their response time, are they polite and professional or trying to get over with the task. Also, check with the company if they carry company identity cards with them or not so that you know who they are when they knock on your door.
  • Know their ServicesAsk them if their current services include packing and unpacking, loading, and unloading, house removals, office removals, house clearance and many more. If so, then will you need to provide them with packing material, or will that also be included. If not, what will be the extra charge, or if you have to do it yourself, at least you will have had a fair warning and can finish the packing before the van comes to load your things.
  • Moving team:
    APS Removals, moving Team
    You need to confirm with the company if there is a team or only one person with the van. Ask them if they will help you with loading and unloading your things. It is essential to know beforehand so that you can ask your friends and family if they have the time to help you move and make the necessary arrangements.
  • Insurance:  Do they provide coverage for your things in case of accidents? If not, make sure you get your stuff insured before making a move, especially those that are expensive and fragile. Also, make sure to click the pictures before you pack them. Be present at the time of unloading to make sure that no item is missing and unpack and sift through the fragile items to make sure nothing is damaged.
  • How much does man with a van cost: Ask the man and van facility if they charge a fixed price to the services or will there be any add-ons at a later stage. Ask them what their fee entails. You may ask questions like:
    a. Are they charging at an hourly rate or based on volume?
    b. If it includes packing, loading, unloading, and moving, or are you unaware of any additional charge?
  • Don’t pay a massive deposit before the move. Be sure that all your belongings will be delivered safely to your new place.
  • House Move quotes: To get a more affordable man and van hire quote, try to plan your move during weekdays. On weekends and holidays, the Man with a van company could be a little busy because people usually plan their relocation on holidays. So, start planning, and you will be able to hire a local man with a van facility at cheaper quotes.
  • Inventory:  Make sure they do an inventory check of your things before giving a quotation. It will also help them with assigning the best-suited Man and van for your move.
  • Inspect the van that you hired for your move: Look for the following while checking out the van that you are deciding to hire:
    a. Will it be able to handle all your things, or are you comfortable with the van’s condition for moving your belongings.
    b. For this, you must make a list of everything that has to be moved and consider the space the items can take in the van.

Do not just guess as it can cause unnecessary problems during the moving process. If you own items like a treadmill, a piano, bike, sofa, or washing machine, then you need a bigger moving truck. Making a moving checklist can avoid rescheduling the move or asking for another van, which will cost you more on such short notice.

Now, if you have more items and hire a larger man with a van team for the move, you can have an extra man and extra space on your hands. However, this can be a costly affair.

Ensure that you have carefully planned your moving services by hiring APS Removals, the right man and van company for your move. These ways, you can reduce the stress of moving your things to their new destination without running into many problems.

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