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The Garden Fence Disposal Guide

24/01/2020 Already Property Services

Don’t we all love to keep our gardens neat and beautiful?

Maintaining a garden in its prime shape requires a lot of work and knowledge. There will be a lot of waste generated in the garden regularly.
If you want to keep your garden clean, then you should take care of this waste to ensure that your garden is free from pests and tidy. Sometimes, when you are refurbishing the garden, you may want to get rid of that old, rickety garden fence and get a new one. So what can you do with the old one?

In thig blog, we will see about the different ways by which you can manage disposing of the old garden fence.

4 Tips to Dispose of the Garden Fence

Make sure not to keep the old garden fence lying around in the corner as it would have tremendous effects not only on the hygiene of your garden but also on your home.
Get a few ideas from the following tips and dispose of the garden fence in the right way.

  1. Don’t Burn It!
    Most garden fences will be made of wood and the first instinct many get when thinking about the ways to dispose of it is to burn it. But you shouldn’t, at any cost!

    This wood can be treated with some chemicals which you lead to a build of toxin gases in the air. There are also probabilities that burning dry wood would lead to spreading the fire to the nearby dry items too.
    Sometimes, it could annoy the neighbours due to the pungent smell of the burning wood and may even report you to the authorities.
    Therefore, do not take this route of burning the garden fence to deal with the waste.
  2. Be Creative with the Wood
    The best part about having wood as waste is that you can do a lot of stuff with it. You can decorate your home with some new wooden items that spruce up the look of the place and also solves the issue of disposing of the garden fence.

    If you are one to have a creative mind and love to make things, then this would be an excellent chance for you. You can turn this wooden garden fence as your raw material and make a lot of innovative stuff around your home.

    You can create a wall hanging key holder, pen stand, photo frames, wall decors, wooden spoons and ladles, refurbish garden tools or even build some new garden furniture!
    You can just hit up the internet and find out tons of ideas to put the wood from garden fence to good use. To start with, you can have a look at some innovative ideas here.

  3. Convert It into Compost
    You can convert the wooden waste from the garden into a rich compost that adds to the fertility of the soil. However, please note that the big wooden pieces cannot be put into the compost directly as they will take a long time to turn into compost and in this process will end up choking the compost bin.

    You can only add the wood in the form of wooden shreddings. You can use a shredding machine to cut down the wood into tiny pieces and add them to the compost. It would make the compost rich in carbon browns and would make the compost more nutritional. You can either create the compost at your home or do it at specific composting sites.

    It’s better to leave it to the professional companies when you don’t have any experience in composting. Also, composting could have a horrible smell and attract lots of flies and rodents. Therefore, unless you have some specific area far away from home, you can take the external help of generating the composts.

  4. Hire Experts for Disposal
    It’s understandable that you don’t want to go through so much trouble to get rid of the old garden fence. During such times, you can hire a proper waste disposal company and ask them to do it for you. Make sure to check that the companies are certified legally and dispose of it in the authorized places.

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