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APS Removals – How we Work

17/02/2020 Already Property Services

As a waste collection and relocation services company, we offer the one-stop for any removal needs. We have been working in Plymouth since the year 2005 intending to provide relocation services at affordable rates for the people of Plymouth.

We have grown a lot since our inception and have branched out from removal services and rubbish waste collection and disposal from homes to bulky waste disposal from commercial areas. We have faced many challenges and successfully battled at all odds to provide cost-effective solutions that make a difference.

To understand better about our process, here’s a detailed blog about our approach to relocation services as well as waste collection and disposal services.

How Do We Approach Every Job?

  1. First, we read through the details provided by the customers. We analyze the requirements, make sure that we are available on the said dates before contacting the customer.
  2. Once we have confirmed our availability, we will call the number provided by the customer on the contact form or submission form.
  3. We converse with the customers to know better about what they expect from us. We ask some questions to have a better understanding of the work that lays in front of us.
  4. We encourage our customers to ask questions too. We will clarify all their doubts as much as possible so that they know the type of services we provide.
  5. We will also offer a free quotation for every job. This is an essential step for the customers for whom the cost is a deciding factor.
  6. If the customer wishes to book immediately, we will make the booking on their behalf. If not, we will ask the customer to think and get back to us soon.

Once the customer has confirmed the booking, then we will proceed based on the services needed.

Areas where we provide Waste Collection and Removals Service in Plymouth

  • Bodmin,
  • Callington,
  • Camelford,
  • Ivybridge,
  • Launceston,
  • Liskeard,
  • Looe,
  • Lostwithiel,
  • Padstow,
  • Saltash,
  • Sherford,
  • St Austell,
  • St Blazey,
  • Tavistock,
  • Torpoint,
  • Wadebridge

Usually, we get inquiries either from our website directly or from third-party websites. Once we get the request from the customer, we proceed with a step by step action.

For Relocation Services

If the customer requires house removal or office removals services, then we will first assess the volume of stuff that needs to be moved. This will give us a better idea into the size of the truck that should be chosen. Alternatively, if the customer already has a truck size in mind, we will ensure that it is sufficient and book the same.

If the job involves high volume, then we will visit the location to get the lay of the land. Sometimes, there can be large appliances or furniture that will be tricky to load into the truck or the path to the truck may be too small. To know all such situations beforehand, we will take a detailed survey to ensure that we are fully equipped to handle all needs.

To avoid such complications at the drop location, we will ask the customer to furnish any such details. We will also take the help of the Google Street View for better guidance. For large jobs, we may expect half of the total price estimate to be paid upfront before the start of the job.

For other kinds of jobs, we will take a look of the street from Google Street View. We always like to be prepared for any type of situation and therefore, arrive at the job location only after extensive research on our part.

On the Day of the Move

Our relocation experts will arrive with all the required equipment on the day of the move sometime before the scheduled time. We will once again take a look at the path to the truck through which we need to walk with the heavy items.

We will safely load all the items to the truck and give the customer an estimated time of delivery. We will also get the details of the person to whom we have to deliver if the customer isn’t there to receive it.

We will transport the things safely to the new location, ensure that we stick with the timelines and provide a highly satisfactory service!

For Waste Disposal Services

When it comes to rubbish collection and disposal services, there are stringent laws by the Plymouth Council that everyone has to adhere. We have a registered waste carrier license that allows us to transport and dump the waste in the allocated sites. Please note that if you hire a company that is not registered with the Council and the Environment Agency, then you will be heavily fined.

As we are highly experienced in providing these services, we know the legal sites to dispose of the waste, the locations where particular waste has to be sent for recycling and other disposal regulations. When we take up any job for waste disposal, we make sure to let them know the legalities involved.

We offer services for wood waste collection and disposal, waste bed and mattress disposal and electrical waste disposal. There are some items that we don’t dispose of like food waste, glass, asbestos, paint and commercial fridges. We ask the customer on call if their waste has any of these items. If not, we then proceed with preparing for the waste disposal.

We strive our best to provide affordable costs for disposal services. We have fixed prices for waste collection services, but we are flexible when it comes to the services we provide. The customer can include more services and the costs will be modified accordingly.

Process of Waste Disposal

We may not dump the entire waste the customer provides directly to the dumping zones. We will have to segregate the waste and take them to separate zones based on the materials.
There are also legalities about disposing of some rubbish on the same day while some other waste can be disposed of on the next day after waste collection.
By considering all these factors, we set up a strategy to ensure proper waste disposal that falls right within the legal limits.

Apart from these services, we also provide house clearance services wherein we not only help in the relocation but also with waste clearance. The customers will get both these services combined along with the clearance of the clutter from the place.
For such requirements, we will visit the house before to know the kind of wastes that need to be cleared from the home.

Love what you are reading? Hire the most reliable and experienced removal company in Plymouth now. You can customize the relocation service and waste collection service as per your convenience. Contact us now for a free quote!

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